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Bad Bunny: 1 diamond album ( X 100pre), 2 Platinum albums (Oasis, YHLQMDLG), 11 Latin Billboard Awards, 7 Lo Nuestro Awards, 4 Billboard music awards, 2 Latin Grammy awards, 1 Grammy and Spotify Artist of the year (2020).

In 2020 alone, Bad Bunny’s second album YHLQMDLG (abbreviation of “Yo hago lo que me da la gana,” Spanish for “I Do Whatever I Want.”) debuted at number two on the US Billboard 200 chart. The album went on to earn about 201.4 million on-demand streams in one week, becoming the biggest streaming week ever for a Latin album.

YHLQMDLG also placed…

The Plugs I Met 2 Cover Art

If you asked me how I’d describe Benny the Butcher’s albums, I would tell you that Benny doesn’t make albums. He creates audio motion pictures!

The Plugs I Met 2 is a sequel to an album that certified Benny as one of the top lyrical Emcees. With this album, he’s already a made man in the Hip-Hop industry, recognized for his pen game. Dropping jewels for those still living the street life and giving those outsiders the truth of what it’s like to survive the battles that come with that lifestyle.

Benny continued to apply influence from the movie Scarface…

Let me start this review by saying I am a huge fan of old school hip-hop who loves listening to timeless records that seem to never lose their touch. From Afrika Bambaataa to Tupac Shakur, my taste for old school hip-hop is pretty broad. When I heard about “The Get Down,” created by Baz Luhrmann and Stephen Adly Guirgis, I was automatically pumped to watch it.

Adding to the excitement was knowing that Nasir Jones (Nas) was a executive producer for the show as well. Not only did Nas executive produce for “The Get Down,” he also did a good…

Created by rap group A Tribe Called Quest, one of the most legendary choruses in hip-hop is, “Can I kick it? Yes, you can.” It is with a heavy heart we report that on March 22, Tribe member Phife Dawg passed away at the age of 45 after a long battle with diabetes.

The rapper’s health problems and self-proclaimed sugar addiction led to a type 2 diabetes diagnosis in 1990 and a kidney transplant in 2008.

Born Malik Isaac Taylor in Jamaica, Queens, the artist met his future group member and lifelong friend Q-tip in a church when Taylor was…

After my first listen to Detroit 2, I was texting one of my good friends about my initial thoughts on it, being that I love music, and it has a powerful message. He responded, “I’m glad hearing him rap like this. Sounds like he’s at a good place, and it shows in the music.” which I feel perfectly describes Big Sean’s mindset when he was creating this album.

It has been three years since Big Sean dropped an album, and this is the last one he will do under the GOOD Music label. As he sets out to start his…

Detroit 2- Big Sean
Detroit 2 is a rare album released at the perfect moment in time and created with a genuine purpose to leave its listeners inspired. Music is supposed to touch your soul so that it gives you something that you’re missing or needing. The energy Big Sean gives off in this album is something everyone in 2020 should feel no matter if they are in the missing or needing category (possibly both, depending on the situation). The album is incredible; you must give it a listen because you might get something that your missing or needing.

Westside Gunn! Benny The Butcher! Conway The Machine! THIS IS GRISELDA! These men took the momentum from their 2019 album WWCD (What Would China Do) as Upstate New York (Buffalo to be exact) legends to what so many in the Hip-Hop community would say now in 2020 that “Griselda is your favorite rapper’s favorite rappers!”

That saying stands for beyond the billiard chats, beyond the streaming numbers, beyond the top 10s list, Griselda is held in the highest regard by Hip-Hop legends who did the groundwork for this culture to spread around the world.

Speaking of legends, those favorite “rappers”

What a debut, and it’s crazy that the album is a Posthumous one. Pop Smoke was on such a promising upraise that was a legendary start to what we all know as a tragic ending. An ending left on a high with “Shoot for The Stars, Aim for the Moon,” which is the best work of his banger hefty discography.

From the jump, you get those NYC drill heavy beats from the produces 808 Melo and Wundagurl. It was only right that the album started with an 808 Melo produced track. …

This season of Insecure has genuinely been one of tremendous growth for all the characters on this show, especially for Issa and Molly’s relationship. Their relationship takes center stage in this season, and we got to see it disintegrate slowly.

I thought it was very clever of Issa Rae and the rest of the writers to start the season off with this tease moment of Issa saying, “I don’t fuck with Molly anymore.” It gave the audience so many questions like what happened between them? Who is she talking too? Was the block party still successful? It was an attention-grabbing…

444 opens with the song “Kill Jay Z” as a way of setting up the album from the jump, with him honestly addressing all the past mistakes he’s made in his 20s to his conflict with Ye (Kanye West). In an interview with iHeart Radio, Jay-Z speaks on the importance of Kill Jay-Z “It’s really about the ego. It’s about killing off the ego, so we can have this conversation in a place of vulnerability and honesty.”

Throughout the whole album, Jay-Z describes these situations that are milestones within his life, finding clarity in his past highly publicized troubles and…

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